An Open Letter From Me, An Alopecian

In spite of the glare on the above selfie and the fact my background wasn’t “perfect”,  I actually LOVE this picture of me and feel very beautiful so here you go!  #nohairdontcare

This month is going by so quickly.  I hope all of you have been wearing blue for Alopecia Areata Awareness.  Please send me your pics to  I love the ones I have received so far!

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Be Strong, Be You, WEAR BLUE!



Mustering Up the Strength to Tell My Mom

As long as I post weekly, it is progress to me. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you again to my friend, Vickie (Also in the picture), for the throwback pic! Remember to be kind, always.  You never know what someone else is going through behind their smile.

Happy Birthday Vickie and Rachelle!

Be Strong, Be You



Mental/Physical Contamination

I expect/hope my post will become more frequent.  It is something about my mind that simply does not stop thinking as I tell my testimony. Although once a week is difficult to achieve, there are times something will pop in my head and I have to jot down notes or just want to have a whole conversation.  I will work on stopping in the moment and sharing those thoughts/feelings.


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Be Strong, Be You.  Tanisha

Isolation, The Beginning of Darkness

1. Please keep me in your prayers.  If there was never a struggle to get through these trials and tribulations, I would never had made the progress to be where I am today.  Baby steps.  This is the beginning of tremendous, soulful healing.

2. Below is at least one way to contact those whose businesses supported me during my photoshoot:


Film/Photography, Kel Long-kellykels28 on Instagram

Beautician, Brittany Christian-Khol_Blaq on Instagram (Go see additional make up photos from the day!

Love you all for the support! Be Strong, Be You.





Wigs and Self-Realization

2016-06-01 16.09.34

Note to the Audience: If necessary, please rotate your cellular device when watching the videos. I shoot them horizontally so the video is more pleasing to the eye.

This week’s post was tough.  When I watch these back, I am crying with myself (Much more than in these videos) in a moment of mourning that this part of my past is over and done with.  It would probably appear to an outsider that I am seriously having funerals of my past in my home each week, laying each situation to rest for good.  In the middle of the first video, I was coming to the realization that I was once again omitting speaking on situations just so I could avoid thinking and more importantly feeling any type of pain.  And this is exactly why I am where I am today.

However, with God, I mustered up the courage to come back in the second video (Also below) to address that same fear and pain to say what I had to say.  Keep me in your prayers.

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Be Strong, Be You



#AlopeciaProblems-Long Hair I Care

So as I continue these #AlopeciaProblems throughout my post, feel free to send me an message asking any questions about everyday life that may spark an Alopecia Areata “problem”.  Again, they are meant to be funny to break up the darkness that will be taking place in my future blog posts. Gotta love the long hair! LOL

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