Hiatus Over

Yes, I have been gone a long time. I am back. I am back to share more of my story and not stop when it gets too hard. I am back to not make excuses for the sake of others. Thank you to everyone who supported me through my absence. I appreciate it. Welcome all! Watch my videos from the beginning and get caught up at https://bestrongbeyoublog.wordpress.com/.

I am a little rusty, but soon enough, I will be a pro again! LOL.

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Enjoy the video below!


When Suicide Became An Option

First I would like to give a shout out to Ms. Harris at Paris High School, in Paris, Missouri for coming through with my feature picture that I accidentally erased from my phone.

Second, September 2016 was also Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Please reach out to those you love and always be kind.  People fight demons everyday.  Pray for them and if you do nothing else, at least smile.

Be Strong, Be You


The Hard Truth of Being Bald


Sorry so late! Thank you for everyone who supported me during Alopecia Areata Awareness Month! Of course, awareness will take place for many months to come. Again, thank you for making my first official awareness month (Without hair) one I will never forget!

Be Strong, Be You, WEAR BLUE!


Middle School-The School Perspective

Again, I would like to give a shout out to everyone who follows the blog.  THANK YOU for sharing it so that it may touch the lives of others.  I am really trying to ensure I have a connection with the most people because next week I will speaking on Middle School-The Home Perspective.

Also, to those who are wondering will I hold myself accountable for my own actions as I get older, the answer is YES.  In this story, I must tell you about my own personal, horrible decisions to give my testimony of how I overcame them.

Keep me in your thoughts/prayers!

Be Strong, Be You


The Bald, Unattractive Me

It is Thursday, but I managed to complete this week’s post.  Yes, in the feature picture, I look beautiful outside, but inside, I feel like I look like a monster.  This post in a nutshell? It is really about all that I am overcoming to live everyday life without my hair.  If I reintroduce myself to my hair too soon (As a choice, not a necessity), it will be a setback mentally.  Because that is what people say right?  IT IS JUST HAIR!  To them, I say no, it isn’t just hair.  It is my self-esteem and self-worth of being a complete woman at stake here. My missing hair was just the tip of the ice berg.  Stay tuned. See you next week as we enter middle school.

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National Alopecia Areata Foundation  www.naaf.org

Be Strong, Be You


Isolation, The Beginning of Darkness

1. Please keep me in your prayers.  If there was never a struggle to get through these trials and tribulations, I would never had made the progress to be where I am today.  Baby steps.  This is the beginning of tremendous, soulful healing.

2. Below is at least one way to contact those whose businesses supported me during my photoshoot:

SomethingWonderful Photography-www.somethingwonderfulphotography.com

Film/Photography, Kel Long-kellykels28 on Instagram

Beautician, Brittany Christian-Khol_Blaq on Instagram (Go see additional make up photos from the day!

Love you all for the support! Be Strong, Be You.





When Being Strong Becomes Difficult

This post in a nutshell-

I can’t count in order LOL, waiting until people die, I probably won’t go back to Walmart soon LOL, headwraps (Another shout to INDIA who is loving my pics in the wraps…CRAZINESS!), the gym experience, my first professional meeting in a wrap, Facebook live, God’s timing-THANK YOU ALL!

Be Strong, Be You