Happy 9th Birthday Micah!

My son is super special to me.

It is Micah’s 9th Birthday and I wanted to take this time to share this day with those who normally don’t see Micah at all during the year.  There are so many people to our non traditional family of course that include my Godsisters, Kel and Keesh, My Godparents, his TT Terris and Uncle Andre that he loves dearly. He also misses those he doesn’t see as often.

I cannot believe this little guy is 9! He is my reason for living. I cannot wait until my story gets to him and you are able to see how my mentality shifts because he is a part of my life. He is truly his own person and of course as you can tell from his answers, children see and hear everything and it makes me want to be a better person everyday even now!

See you later in the week!

Be Strong Be You, #loveMicah



September September…Be AWARE

Happy Alopecia Areata Awareness MONTH!!!!  Be strong and wear blue to support those of us who suffer from this autoimmune disease.  Again, please email pictures of you wearing blue as well as your stories of your personal Alopecia Areata experiences to bsbu@tstanciel.com ALL MONTH LONG or even tag Be Strong, Be You on Facebook!

Alopecia Areata has no cure at this time.  Please visit the National Alopecia Areata Foundation at https://www.naaf.org for more information or even to donate to research.

I love you all for your overwhelming support.  Be Strong, Be You….WEAR BLUE in September!

Love, Tanisha


The Bald, Unattractive Me

It is Thursday, but I managed to complete this week’s post.  Yes, in the feature picture, I look beautiful outside, but inside, I feel like I look like a monster.  This post in a nutshell? It is really about all that I am overcoming to live everyday life without my hair.  If I reintroduce myself to my hair too soon (As a choice, not a necessity), it will be a setback mentally.  Because that is what people say right?  IT IS JUST HAIR!  To them, I say no, it isn’t just hair.  It is my self-esteem and self-worth of being a complete woman at stake here. My missing hair was just the tip of the ice berg.  Stay tuned. See you next week as we enter middle school.

Find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bstrongbyou/

National Alopecia Areata Foundation  www.naaf.org

Be Strong, Be You


Happy Birthday Micah!


As I review my FB memories for this day, it brings tears to my eyes because had I listened to that evil voice in my head a few years ago, I wouldn’t have 8 years worth of memories with you.

Today out of nowhere you said  “I love my real mommy.”  I asked “What is a real mommy?” You said “My mommy with no hair because you are so pretty.” It has been three hours since you said that and I am still teary-eyed. You are definitely my number one fan in the journey. I am doing this for me, but also for you.

Here we are 8 whole years later. I cannot imagine my life without you. You will always be the reason I get up out of bed and put one foot in front of the other each day. Happy 8th Birthday Micah. Your life has enriched mine as well as many others. You deserve all the happiness and love there is to offer. Happy Birthday! Love Mommy #loveMicah ❤

Be Strong, Wear BLUE

HERE WE GO! I had to schedule this post or I never would have actually posted it! Stay with me people….after this post it is going to be a quick, downward slope to nothing but insanity. My next post will be another #ALOPECIAPROBLEMS story. I do not think you are ready for me to dive in just yet.


Be Strong, Be You


#AlopeciaProblems & Pneumonia

When I reviewed this video, I watched as tears streamed down my face. I left it in its original format.  I initially wanted to complete these videos “edited”, but it is something about them being raw and in the moment that I absolutely love.  Also, yes, summer is around the corner so at that point, I will focus on getting my background up to par.  Everyone has to start somewhere! LOL

Be Strong, Be You


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Note from the Author

It is important for me to inform you, as a reader, much of what I will discuss will be eye-opening and in some cases, jaw dropping and revealing.  Information will be discussed in a tasteful manner.  In instances where my stories could be hurtful to others (Which I shouldn’t really care, but my heart says to), I will protect the innocent by changing the names when needed.  Again, this is my life, my story, from my perspective.  -Tanisha C. Stanciel