An Open Letter From Me, An Alopecian

In spite of the glare on the above selfie and the fact my background wasn’t “perfect”,  I actually LOVE this picture of me and feel very beautiful so here you go!  #nohairdontcare

This month is going by so quickly.  I hope all of you have been wearing blue for Alopecia Areata Awareness.  Please send me your pics to  I love the ones I have received so far!

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Be Strong, Be You, WEAR BLUE!



September September…Be AWARE

Happy Alopecia Areata Awareness MONTH!!!!  Be strong and wear blue to support those of us who suffer from this autoimmune disease.  Again, please email pictures of you wearing blue as well as your stories of your personal Alopecia Areata experiences to ALL MONTH LONG or even tag Be Strong, Be You on Facebook!

Alopecia Areata has no cure at this time.  Please visit the National Alopecia Areata Foundation at for more information or even to donate to research.

I love you all for your overwhelming support.  Be Strong, Be You….WEAR BLUE in September!

Love, Tanisha


CrossFit and Professional Difficulties


This was almost “The Lost Post” to be posted at a later date.  This post in a nutshell:

  1. My CrossFit experience
  2. Overcoming professional difficulties

As an educator, my summer is coming to an end and I am so excited for my new beginnings.

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Mental/Physical Contamination

I expect/hope my post will become more frequent.  It is something about my mind that simply does not stop thinking as I tell my testimony. Although once a week is difficult to achieve, there are times something will pop in my head and I have to jot down notes or just want to have a whole conversation.  I will work on stopping in the moment and sharing those thoughts/feelings.


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Be Strong, Be You.  Tanisha

Middle School-The School Perspective

Again, I would like to give a shout out to everyone who follows the blog.  THANK YOU for sharing it so that it may touch the lives of others.  I am really trying to ensure I have a connection with the most people because next week I will speaking on Middle School-The Home Perspective.

Also, to those who are wondering will I hold myself accountable for my own actions as I get older, the answer is YES.  In this story, I must tell you about my own personal, horrible decisions to give my testimony of how I overcame them.

Keep me in your thoughts/prayers!

Be Strong, Be You


The Bald, Unattractive Me

It is Thursday, but I managed to complete this week’s post.  Yes, in the feature picture, I look beautiful outside, but inside, I feel like I look like a monster.  This post in a nutshell? It is really about all that I am overcoming to live everyday life without my hair.  If I reintroduce myself to my hair too soon (As a choice, not a necessity), it will be a setback mentally.  Because that is what people say right?  IT IS JUST HAIR!  To them, I say no, it isn’t just hair.  It is my self-esteem and self-worth of being a complete woman at stake here. My missing hair was just the tip of the ice berg.  Stay tuned. See you next week as we enter middle school.

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Be Strong, Be You


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