My Faith-Take 1 and Regrowth

Human Error: My sincere apologies supporters of Liechtenstein.  You are your own country, but speak German (Geography learning moment…the educator within me had to correct that immediately out of respect for them.)

First, I realize that I am always smacking when I talk, because I am so worried about slobbering on myself in the middle of talking.  I mean, if I slobber on myself, you will see it because I am not starting over just to remove that part.  Sooooooo I will try not to worry so much about it moving forward. Second, I am running out of head wrap ideas (I am totally hating this one as I look at it!).  LOL. Third, this post will definitely set you up for next week’s post which will probably be the hardest post I will have to talk about to date.  Of course, once I begin that post, there is really no turning back. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all of your love and support. Comment and Share!

Be Strong, Be You!




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