Wigs and Self-Realization

2016-06-01 16.09.34

Note to the Audience: If necessary, please rotate your cellular device when watching the videos. I shoot them horizontally so the video is more pleasing to the eye.

This week’s post was tough.  When I watch these back, I am crying with myself (Much more than in these videos) in a moment of mourning that this part of my past is over and done with.  It would probably appear to an outsider that I am seriously having funerals of my past in my home each week, laying each situation to rest for good.  In the middle of the first video, I was coming to the realization that I was once again omitting speaking on situations just so I could avoid thinking and more importantly feeling any type of pain.  And this is exactly why I am where I am today.

However, with God, I mustered up the courage to come back in the second video (Also below) to address that same fear and pain to say what I had to say.  Keep me in your prayers.

Also for more information about Alopecia Areata, please visit the National Alopecia Areata Foundation at www.naaf.org.


Be Strong, Be You




One thought on “Wigs and Self-Realization

  1. candacepoindextergmailcom says:

    Tanisha I just want you to know how proud of you I am. I understand the need to omit and repress but sometimes you have to open up to heal and you are doing an amazing job. PS you are an amazing mom to your son.

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