The Bald, Unattractive Me

It is Thursday, but I managed to complete this week’s post.  Yes, in the feature picture, I look beautiful outside, but inside, I feel like I look like a monster.  This post in a nutshell? It is really about all that I am overcoming to live everyday life without my hair.  If I reintroduce myself to my hair too soon (As a choice, not a necessity), it will be a setback mentally.  Because that is what people say right?  IT IS JUST HAIR!  To them, I say no, it isn’t just hair.  It is my self-esteem and self-worth of being a complete woman at stake here. My missing hair was just the tip of the ice berg.  Stay tuned. See you next week as we enter middle school.

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Be Strong, Be You



Happy Birthday Micah!


As I review my FB memories for this day, it brings tears to my eyes because had I listened to that evil voice in my head a few years ago, I wouldn’t have 8 years worth of memories with you.

Today out of nowhere you said  “I love my real mommy.”  I asked “What is a real mommy?” You said “My mommy with no hair because you are so pretty.” It has been three hours since you said that and I am still teary-eyed. You are definitely my number one fan in the journey. I am doing this for me, but also for you.

Here we are 8 whole years later. I cannot imagine my life without you. You will always be the reason I get up out of bed and put one foot in front of the other each day. Happy 8th Birthday Micah. Your life has enriched mine as well as many others. You deserve all the happiness and love there is to offer. Happy Birthday! Love Mommy #loveMicah ❤

Isolation, The Beginning of Darkness

1. Please keep me in your prayers.  If there was never a struggle to get through these trials and tribulations, I would never had made the progress to be where I am today.  Baby steps.  This is the beginning of tremendous, soulful healing.

2. Below is at least one way to contact those whose businesses supported me during my photoshoot:


Film/Photography, Kel Long-kellykels28 on Instagram

Beautician, Brittany Christian-Khol_Blaq on Instagram (Go see additional make up photos from the day!

Love you all for the support! Be Strong, Be You.





My Faith-Take 1 and Regrowth

Human Error: My sincere apologies supporters of Liechtenstein.  You are your own country, but speak German (Geography learning moment…the educator within me had to correct that immediately out of respect for them.)

First, I realize that I am always smacking when I talk, because I am so worried about slobbering on myself in the middle of talking.  I mean, if I slobber on myself, you will see it because I am not starting over just to remove that part.  Sooooooo I will try not to worry so much about it moving forward. Second, I am running out of head wrap ideas (I am totally hating this one as I look at it!).  LOL. Third, this post will definitely set you up for next week’s post which will probably be the hardest post I will have to talk about to date.  Of course, once I begin that post, there is really no turning back. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all of your love and support. Comment and Share!

Be Strong, Be You!



When Being Strong Becomes Difficult

This post in a nutshell-

I can’t count in order LOL, waiting until people die, I probably won’t go back to Walmart soon LOL, headwraps (Another shout to INDIA who is loving my pics in the wraps…CRAZINESS!), the gym experience, my first professional meeting in a wrap, Facebook live, God’s timing-THANK YOU ALL!

Be Strong, Be You



Wigs and Self-Realization

2016-06-01 16.09.34

Note to the Audience: If necessary, please rotate your cellular device when watching the videos. I shoot them horizontally so the video is more pleasing to the eye.

This week’s post was tough.  When I watch these back, I am crying with myself (Much more than in these videos) in a moment of mourning that this part of my past is over and done with.  It would probably appear to an outsider that I am seriously having funerals of my past in my home each week, laying each situation to rest for good.  In the middle of the first video, I was coming to the realization that I was once again omitting speaking on situations just so I could avoid thinking and more importantly feeling any type of pain.  And this is exactly why I am where I am today.

However, with God, I mustered up the courage to come back in the second video (Also below) to address that same fear and pain to say what I had to say.  Keep me in your prayers.

Also for more information about Alopecia Areata, please visit the National Alopecia Areata Foundation at


Be Strong, Be You