#AlopeciaProblems-Long Hair I Care

So as I continue these #AlopeciaProblems throughout my post, feel free to send me an message asking any questions about everyday life that may spark an Alopecia Areata “problem”.  Again, they are meant to be funny to break up the darkness that will be taking place in my future blog posts. Gotta love the long hair! LOL

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Be Strong, Wear BLUE

HERE WE GO! I had to schedule this post or I never would have actually posted it! Stay with me people….after this post it is going to be a quick, downward slope to nothing but insanity. My next post will be another #ALOPECIAPROBLEMS story. I do not think you are ready for me to dive in just yet.


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#AlopeciaProblems & Pneumonia

When I reviewed this video, I watched as tears streamed down my face. I left it in its original format.  I initially wanted to complete these videos “edited”, but it is something about them being raw and in the moment that I absolutely love.  Also, yes, summer is around the corner so at that point, I will focus on getting my background up to par.  Everyone has to start somewhere! LOL

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