Restating the purpose

In reality, it takes me at least an entire day to muster up the courage to actually hit “post”.  I know that this will get easier and as I continue, I will become empowered to share and continue to share my story.

Since I am posting on several social media outlets, I wanted to take the time to back up and share what I posted on my website ( regarding the purpose of this blog.

For me, it all began with having Alopecia Areata.  You may not know what this is now, but as you continue on this journey with me today and the days to come, you will learn to know what it is.  You will learn how something that seems so simple has heavily influenced my life as well as the actions of those I trusted to protect me as a child, a teenager and an adult. Today as an adult, while to the naked eye, I have overcame every stage of life changes and traumas, I have not reached true acceptance or freedom.  As I embark upon this journey, I hope my journey to be strong and be me; helps you to be BE STRONG and BE YOU.

See you in my next post! I think it’s going to be a video!

Be Strong, Be You,








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