Note from the Author

It is important for me to inform you, as a reader, much of what I will discuss will be eye-opening and in some cases, jaw dropping and revealing.  Information will be discussed in a tasteful manner.  In instances where my stories could be hurtful to others (Which I shouldn’t really care, but my heart says to), I will protect the innocent by changing the names when needed.  Again, this is my life, my story, from my perspective.  -Tanisha C. Stanciel


One thought on “Note from the Author

  1. Tierha says:

    I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am in THIS moment….you see now “life” really begins without boundaries, definitely care free and mentoring someone whose battling the same thing. ❤ THANK YOU for being transparent, for gathering up the courage to share your story, as it was truly touching. Thanks for being a fighter and showing us what tenacity and perseverance looks like. Thank you for teaching us all how to examine ourselves before examining others……kudos sis….you are my she-ro😊

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