A New Beginning…Again

You have probably opened this and wondered, what could possibly be so important with her life that she would publicize it to possibly the entire world?!  

To answer you, I want to first say THANK YOU for your support as I embark upon a journey for myself, which will in return, I hope empowers many people who deal with both the struggles and triumphs of this thing called life.  It has taken me two months to have the courage to begin typing.  So many thoughts have gone through my head:

What will my family think of this?

How will this affect me professionally?

How will my friends feel as they read this?

Will I reach the goals I set for myself throughout this process?

Yes, as you see in my pictures right now, I have all of this “hair” so what is the problem?!?!?!  The problem is my “hair” has become  my security blanket.  Without it, I feel inferior to those around me.  I have allowed something so “simple” to have significant control over my life.

As I share my story, I am going to open up about my past and present with Alopecia Areata.  I am using this because it seems to be the foundation of many of my own self-esteem issues, had the ability to hold me back from my own dreams or was stated to be the reason I was treated poorly by many people in my life.  I will tell you now, it is not pretty.  Be prepared to see pictures, hear videos and experience all of my successes alongside of me as I make it to my goal of pure content and happiness within myself.  I hope sharing my story, helps you as a supporter feel empowered to share yours.

Be Strong, Be You



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